Our Contrarian Betting Philosophy…

As our name – Against the Crowd – suggests, we are not in the habit of buying into consensus opinion. 

Nick Pullen is a dyed-in-the-wool contrarian. And it is his unique against-the-grain analysis that distinguishes Against the Crowd from other horse-racing information services.

Our over-riding objective is to put you firmly on the right side of the odds in the big races…

That means that, unlike out-and-out tipping services, our focus is NOT on finding winners…

That may seem strange. But winners are only half the equation when it comes to profiting from race-betting. In fact – this may seem peculiar too – backing too many winners of the wrong sort will hurt long-term performance.

To secure long-term profit you need to be backing sufficient winners at sufficiently good prices. Winning at the game is not just about finding race winners. It’s about finding race winners AND prices. And the prices must be right. 

If it were just a question of winners then the game would be easy. You’d simply back the favourites – the market’s opinion of the best horse in the race. Favourites win about 40% of the time. That’s as good a strike-rate as anybody can expect to achieve with their race-betting. And that should do the trick – right?

Wrong! Our data conclusively proves that backing favourites in the big races doesn’t lead to profit…

Sure, when you back favourites, you back plenty of winners. But the short prices make it impossible to make the game pay. Fav-backing means you experience the joy of winning more frequently than most – but those wins do not translate into betting profit.

Value is our mantra at Against the Crowd

At Against the Crowd, our focus is on finding value and our analytical methods are specifically tailored to rooting it out – like pigs hunting truffles…

Getting value doesn’t mean just betting a horse at a big price. Getting value means backing a competitive horse that is trading at the wrong price.

We don’t just throw a dart at the bottom end of the market and back the biggest-priced horse we land near. That would be rank stupidity…

What we’re all about at Against the Crowd is identifying and supporting competitive horses trading at the wrong price – the horses the market is under-valuing, over-looking or wrong-headedly ignoring.

Our entire betting strategy is based on identifying and supporting horses we consider ‘live’ contenders but which are trading at prices that under-estimate their true chances of winning or hitting the frame…

Our entire service is about opposing market sentiment where and when we believe it to be wrong – and capitalizing on the many attractive opportunities that anti-market approach delivers. Our on-going week-to-week assignment is to take a contrarian view of the big-race markets and the prices and to isolate the best and the biggest value-for-money bets we can find – complete with our reasoning.

Our view is that betting horses at value-for-money prices (the equivalent of buying a commodity on the cheap) is the most effective way of producing long-term betting profit. In other words: we believe the best place to be in the racing markets is Against the Crowd

Now that’s not always psychologically the most comfortable place to be, of course. And the lone wolf approach to race betting won’t appeal to all-comers. 

But the rewards are there for fearless punters equipped with a pioneering instinct and a temperament that can handle the trials and tribulations that inevitably arise from taking the contrarian approach to race-betting.

The right horses at the ‘wrong’ prices…

We don’t pretend that what we do is easy. Or that it’s all lollipops and apple pie. 

That would be a lie. And if there’s one thing you get from Nick Pullen and the Against the Crowd service it is straightforward honesty.

Be under no illusions. Get on-board Against the Crowd and you will back more losers than winners. We make no bones about it. We don’t apologise for it. And we don’t expect the equation to change any time soon. Losing is a natural consequence of playing the contrarian game.

But there is an upside, of course. There would be no point or purpose otherwise. We win frequently enough at big enough prices to make the game pay long-term. We have a strong track record in that department. We wouldn’t have been around for the last 8 years if we hadn’t.

Our long-game policy of concentrating on seeking out value and letting the winners take care of themselves has served us in good stead. You will back more losers than winners on our service. But when our winners go in they do so at prices that make up for the losers – and a fair bit more besides.

Our whole approach is about seeking out bets at the ‘wrong’ price and getting enough winners to make the game pay long-term. 

That is our game. That is the way we play. And we stick to our guns whether we win, lose or draw.

Some commentators have called us bloody-minded. Maybe we are. But we prefer to think of ourselves as consistent – consistently contrarian.

We believe steadfastly in our contrarian anti-market approach – getting the right horses at the ‘wrong’ prices – and we will change our default strategy for no man.

We tell you no lies. It won’t be plain sailing with us. Sometimes we have a rough passage. Other times we get becalmed in the doldrums. But on those memorable occasions when we get the wind in our sails – our readers reckon that the good ship Against the Crowd is a pretty good place to be… profitable too…